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Capability Statement

Logistics Planning & Network Studies

Logistics Network modelling determines the best Supply Chain or Distribution network to satisfy customer demand in the most efficient way. Supply Chain Design modelling is used to establish optimal cost and service solutions through advanced transport planning and correct infrastructure placement

Engineering Design

Our engineers have specific experience in industrial facility designs. From super flat ground floor slabs for VNA racking, long span trusses to refrigeration solutions, power and earthworks, we cover all of the engineering needs of industrial developments.

Contract Documents and Tender

The financial and practical benefits of competitive prizing for a project is accomplished by producing "fit for purpose" documentation for tendering purposes. This is followed by sourcing and recommending competent contractors for appointment by the project owner.

Site Project Management

The Central Construction Management Team (CMT) have proven construction and hands-on site management experience in this type of specialized industrial construction and provide innovative and cost-effective solutions throughout the construction process leading to an optimised project outcome. The Team adds value in the buildability and value engineering process. The structure allows the construction teams to focus entirely on the safety, quality and timeous delivery of the project. Time saving: The works can commence early as it is contracted as specialist contract packages coordinated and managed by the CMT. Enabling contracts such as demolitions, earthworks and bulk services can start while detail designs of other trades and tenders can follow.

Handover and Commissioning 

The project implementation cycle is not completed until the end-product is successfully commissioned and handed-over by us to the end-user in a condition compliant with its intended purpose.


We provide master planning and functional Industrial Architecture that enhances the industrial brand whilst considering the feasibility constraints determined in concept planning.

Design and Redevelopment of Existing Facilities

Our experienced team understand the challenges and fine balance associated with re-engineering existing facilities to suit the specific needs of the end-user as opposed to the development of "Greenfields" projects.

Concept Planning, Cost Estimation & Feasibility

This stage is pivotal to the success of any industrial development, we bring together particulars of available sites with the your operational requirements and determine feasibility through 1st stage cost analysis.

"You are a specialist in your industry, you need a specialist professional team"


In recognition of the potentially high impact of industrial projects on the environment and our local communities, addressing the
environmental and sustainability aspects of these projects are paramount throughout the planning and execution cycle. We actively promote and provide cost effective clean energy solutions to our clients.